Casey Keith

Search engine optimization (SEO) expert and Entrepreneur

Casey Keith, SEO expert.

My name is Casey Keith. I own Master Course Reviews, where I teach search engine optimization (SEO). I’ve been involved in digital marketing and small business development through mentorship since 2009. My journey into search engine optimization (SEO) began while owning and operating a computer repair facility. I began helping small businesses increase their online presence. Inspired by industry greats like Bill Slawski from SEO by the Sea, I began reading Google’s patents and publications, shaping my approach to SEO.

Professional Background

Early IT Experience:

  • In the 1990s, I provided technical support for a dial-up internet access company in Ventura, CA.
  • Worked as a network administrator for Consolidated Electrical Distributors, where I managed their local area network and maintained their corporate Token Ring.
  • I focused on network security policies and processes at IBM Research Triangle Park.
  • As a systems engineer for AMAX Engineering in Freemont, I was introduced to Silicon Valley and dealt with ISO 9000 certifications.

Transition to Network Security:

  • While commuting in the San Francisco Bay Area, I met Harpreet Walia, the owner of WaveStrong Inc., which marked the start of my career as a network security engineer.
  • Contracted to medical research facilities and later hired by Kaiser Permanente as a Senior Network Security Engineer.

Retirement and SEO

After retirement, I returned to Southern California; I opened several computer repair shops in Lancaster, Palmdale, Thousand Oaks, and Ventura, along with photography studios in Lancaster and West Hollywood. Frustrated by ineffective SEO results, my girlfriend, Meki Cox, built a successful website for my business, leading us to offer web design services. This success prompted me to research SEO and why she had success when others failed. By 2013, I had a breakthrough understanding of search engine ranking through reading a pivotal patent, which laid the foundation for my holistic SEO strategy and ranking tactics.

Ongoing Learning and Teaching

As a dedicated autodidact, I continually seek those “Aha!” moments by studying patents, forums, and research papers. This drive for knowledge underpins my approach to SEO and business strategy.

SEO Training Camp: My current focus is teaching search engine optimization (SEO) via my Treasure Map course and building a Facebook community.

Casey Keith
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Casey Keith