My Keyword Chef Review is different. Keyword Chef was developed in 2021 by my friend and founder, Ben Adler. This software assists users in identifying low-competition, long-tail keywords with strong search intent. Unlike other tools that provide numerous irrelevant keywords, Keyword Chef utilizes automatic filtering to display only relevant phrases that users aim to target.

The clean interface and intuitive workflow make Keyword Chef easy for beginners to master. Within the Discover and My Reports tabs, you can perform focused keyword searches across categories like Questions, How-To, Wildcard, and more. Keyword Chef has Bulk SERP Checker, which analyzes keywords and highlights easy-to-rank forums and social sites in the results. This saves you hours of manual work evaluating competition.

Keyword Chef Review 2023

Keyword Chef enables fast and effective keyword research for SEO. It’s designed for bloggers, niche site owners, content creators, affiliate marketers, and small businesses who want to uncover hidden keyword opportunities and boost their search rankings. With affordable credit-based pricing and monthly plans, Keyword Chef provides excellent value.

Overview of Keyword Chef

The Keyword Chef interface is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Discover, and My Reports are two primary tabs within the clean, uncluttered dashboard. The Discover tab is where you’ll perform searches and is the main workspace. My Reports neatly stores your past keyword reports for easy reference later.

Select one of the focused keyword categories to start researching keywords and input a root search term. The categories include Questions, How-To, Wildcard, Best, Compare, Ideas, Alternatives, and Most. Each class helps you find keywords tailored to specific content types and objectives. For example, the Wildcard category lets you discover related keywords by using an asterisk symbol.

Keyword Chef Features

Keyword Chef’s most powerful feature is the Bulk SERP Checker. With just one click, it analyzes all your keywords and highlights any ranking forums, social sites, or other user-generated content. These sites are easier to outrank, so the SERP Checker gives you valuable insight into the competition. You can even analyze SERPs for all keywords in bulk at no extra cost.

Main Features

Some major features of the keyword Chef are as follows –

Keyword Categories

One of the key features that makes Keyword Chef stand out is its keyword categories. These allow you to tailor searches to find keywords for specific types of content.

The Questions category is excellent for identifying FAQs, How-To targets ‘how-to’ style keywords, and Wildcard utilizes the asterisk to discover related phrases. Other categories include Best for product reviews, Compare for comparison articles, Ideas for listicle posts, Alternatives for offering different options, and Most for viral content.

Keyword Chef Keyword Analysis

Each category streamlines finding relevant, targeted keywords for your niche and objectives.

Bulk SERP Checker

Analyzing the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your keywords can be tedious. Keyword Chef’s Bulk SERP Checker automates this process.

With one click, it checks the top results for all keywords in your report. Any forums, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, or other user-generated content are highlighted. These sites tend to rank easily since they have high domain authority but less optimized content.

The Bulk SERP Checker provides invaluable insight into the competition so you can identify the best keywords to target to outrank existing sites.

Smart Wildcard Search

One of Keyword Chef’s most unique and powerful features is the wildcard search functionality. This lets you discover closely related keywords using an asterisk symbol (*) within your search phrases.

For example, ‘how to clean * from furniture’  will return results like ‘how to clean asbestos from furniture‘ and ‘how to clean bird poop from furniture.’ Wildcard searches uncover hidden keyword opportunities you may not have thought of otherwise.

doing keyword research on Keyword Chef

Benefits of Using Keyword Chef

Discovers High-Potential Keywords

Keyword Chef can discover high-potential, low-competition keywords that other tools may miss. The algorithm and filtering process eliminates low-quality keywords, allowing you to focus on phrases with genuine potential for ranking well. This feature saves you valuable time by avoiding keywords unlikely to convert or generate traffic.

User-Friendly Interface

Keyword Chef, unlike other SEO tools, is designed for simplicity. Within minutes, even beginners can master the straightforward dashboard and start researching. The tool does the heavy lifting of filtering and analysis so you can swiftly uncover valuable keywords.

Saves Hours of Manual Work

Keyword Chef automates much of the tedious manual work of keyword research. The Bulk SERP Checker provides competition analysis in seconds versus hours of checking each keyword manually. Features like autocomplete and clustering further streamline finding and organizing keywords.

Uncovers Hidden Opportunities

Keyword Chef’s wildcard search capabilities assist in uncovering long-tail keyword opportunities, eliminating the need for external assistance in finding them. By generating related keywords, Keyword Chef presents new possibilities for targeting unexplored search terms.

Finding untapped keywords from keyword Chef

Credit-Based Pricing

Keyword Chef offers both monthly plans and pay-as-you-go pricing models.

Ideal Users


Keyword research is important for bloggers looking to increase organic search traffic to their sites. Keyword Chef makes it easy to find untapped long-tail keywords to target in blog posts. Bloggers can use the tool to identify topics and questions people search for that relate to their niche. The low-competition keywords can help new blogs rank quickly.

Niche Site Owners

Niche sites heavily depend on ranking for targeted keywords in a specific market. Keyword Chef is exceptional at discovering profitable and less competitive keywords within a particular niche. Site owners can continuously discover new keyword opportunities as they grow their sites. The Bulk SERP Checker is also beneficial in identifying areas where niche sites can surpass forums and other sites that are ranking for their desired terms.

Content Creators & Writers

Keyword Chef is a tool for content creators to help generate ideas and topics for writing. Freelance writers can research keywords for clients in any niche. The tool provides data to identify topics that can generate traffic and engagement.

Affiliate Marketers

A crucial aspect for affiliate marketers is targeting keywords aligned with the products they promote. Keyword Chef assists in discovering buyer keywords and phrases with commercial intent. It offers data to identify topics with traffic potential that affiliates can monetize by linking to affiliate offers.

Small Business Owners

Local small business owners can use Keyword Chef to discover low-competition keywords for website content and local SEO. This tool offers valuable data to assist small businesses in identifying the search terms used by their potential customers for their products and services.

Pricing Breakdown

Keyword Chef offers its users a flexible pricing model, catering to different needs and budgets. The tool’s pricing is bifurcated into two main categories: a one-time purchase option called “Pay As You Go” and a recurring monthly subscription.

For the “Pay As You Go” option, Keyword Chef provides three distinct tiers:

Keyword Chef Pay as you go pricing

  • Starter: Priced at $20, users receive 1,200 credits at 0.0167 per credit. This package includes features such as PAA Keywords, Similar Keywords, Get All SERPs, Domains Report, Full Keyword Preview, and Domain Age. However, it lacks First queue priority and Niche Insights.
  • Plus: At $100, this package offers 10,000 credits with a rate of 0.01 per credit. It encompasses all the features of the Starter package and offers First queue priority. The only feature it misses out on is Niche Insights.
  • Pro: The Pro package is the highest tier available for a one-time purchase, priced at $250. Users receive 50,000 credits for 0.005 per credit. This package provides all the features available in the Plus package and includes the Niche Insights feature.

On the other hand, the monthly subscription model offers:

Keyword Chef Monthly Pricing Models

  • Starter: For $29/month, users get 5,000 credits at 0.0058 per credit. The features are almost identical to the Pay As You Go Starter package.
  • Plus: Priced at $69/month, this package provides 20,000 credits at 0.0034 per credit. It includes all the features of the monthly Starter package and offers First queue priority but doesn’t include Niche Insights.
  • Pro: At $119/month, users receive 50,000 credits with a rate of 0.0024 per credit. It encompasses all the available features, making it the most comprehensive package for monthly subscribers.

Keyword Chef’s pricing model is designed to offer flexibility, allowing users to choose between a one-time payment or a monthly commitment, depending on their usage and requirements.

Final Recommendation

For SEO practitioners, Keyword Chef provides an efficient keyword research solution. The tool simplifies finding low-competition, high-value keywords and evaluating SERP competition. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced users.

Features like the wildcard search and Bulk SERP Checker offer distinctive insights not found in other tools. The keyword categories enable targeted research customized to your specific content requirements and goals.

Within minutes, you can uncover hidden keyword opportunities to target and grow your website or blog. The intuitive interface also makes Keyword Chef accessible even for those new to SEO.

Compared to other tools, the credit-based pricing structure is budget-friendly. You have complete flexibility over how many credits you purchase, with volume discounts at higher tiers. 

Keyword Chef should be a go-to resource for bloggers, niche site owners, content creators, affiliate marketers, and small business owners. Try the free Keyword Chef trial before investing in other costly SEO software.

Given the power-packed features and affordable pricing, Keyword Chef delivers outstanding value. It’s a must-have tool for finding and analyzing the best keywords to improve your SEO rankings.

Casey Keith
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