Library 2.0

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Overview of Library 2.0
– Libraries at a crossroads with the emergence of Web 2.0
– Library 2.0 introduced at Internet Librarian 2005
– Aims to provide more efficient services and improve customer service
– Utilization of the internet for digital library services
– Closed the gap between patrons and librarians and allowed for tagging and reviews

Key principles of Library 2.0
– Full-featured OPAC requires a browser, Web 2.0 applications, and connectivity
– Library users should be involved in the design and implementation of services
– Library users should have the ability to modify library-provided services
– Integration of ideas and products from peripheral fields into library service models
– Constant examination and improvement of services, with a willingness to replace them

Concerns and considerations of Library 2.0
– Concerns include access to technology, privacy, and security
– Addressing hate speech and cyberbullying
– Glitches in social networking platforms affecting relationships with clients
– Librarians addressing concerns and challenging conventional wisdom

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
– OPAC provides library collection access to users
– Emphasis on user-centered change and interaction
– New types of catalogs allowing for user customization and interlinked computing platforms
– Suggestions for OPAC improvement include flexibility, customizability, and plain language
– Recommendations for recording client interests, displaying matching items, and allowing ranking and reviews

Artificial intelligence and participatory library
– Xiaotu, an artificial intelligence library in China
– Real-time virtual reference service and self-learning capabilities
– Connected to the largest social network in China and offers a book reading group
– Knowledge base includes Wikipedia and its Chinese counterpart
– User contributions and professor revisions

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