Google Search Console

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– Submit and check a sitemap
– Check the crawl rate and view statistics about Googlebot’s access to a site
– Receive alerts for indexing, spam, or other issues on the site
– Show sites that link to the website
– Write and check a robots.txt file to discover blocked pages

– List internal and external pages that link to the website
– Get a list of links that Googlebot had difficulty crawling
– Set a preferred domain for site URL display in SERPs
– Highlight structured data elements to enrich search hit entries
– View site speed reports and Page Experience Report

Notifications and API
– Receive notifications for manual penalties from Google
– Provide access to an API for managing listings and crawl errors
– Check for security issues like hacked sites or malware attacks
– Add or remove property owners and associates
– Check Merchant Listings Report and Product Snippet Report

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