Felix Baumgartner

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Felix Baumgartner’s Achievements and Records
– Baumgartner set the world record for the highest parachute jump from a building in 1999.
– He became the first person to skydive across the English Channel in 2003.
– Baumgartner completed two test jumps before his historic jump from the stratosphere in 2012.
– He set world records for skydiving distance, speed, and breaking the sound barrier during his jump.
– Baumgartner’s jump was supported by mentor Joseph Kittinger, who served as his radio contact.
– The FAI ratified Baumgartner’s records for Maximum Vertical Speed, Exit Altitude, and Vertical Distance of Freefall.

Baumgartner’s Career in Motorsport
– In 2014, Baumgartner joined Audi Motorsport and participated in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race.
– He underwent intense physical and driver training for the race.
– Baumgartner helped the team achieve a ninth-place overall finish.

Baumgartner’s Personal Life and Controversial Statements
– Baumgartner expressed disinterest in a political career and endorsed experienced personalities from the private sector to lead.
– He was convicted of battery and fined in 2012 for slapping a Greek truck driver.
– Baumgartner made controversial remarks against refugees and endorsed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for the Nobel Peace Prize.
– He later endorsed right-wing populist candidate Norbert Hofer in the Austrian presidential election.
– Baumgartner’s Facebook fan page was deleted, leading him to claim discomfort with political elites.
– He was in a relationship with Mihaela Radulescu.
– Baumgartner won the Millennium BAMBI award and was considered one of the ‘Most Stylish Men’ in 2017.

Other Notable Individuals in High-Altitude Jumps
– Eugene Andreyev: Former record holder for the longest-distance free fall jump.
– Michel Fournier: Working on a 25-mile (40km) jump for several years.
– Nick Piantanida: Flew highest balloon flight prior to Baumgartner in 1966.
– Project Manhigh: Pre-NASA military project that set altitude and parachute jump records.
– Pyotr Dolgov: Died in 1962 carrying out a high-altitude jump.

Media Coverage and Public Interest in Baumgartner’s Jumps
– Baumgartner’s jumps received extensive media coverage and generated public interest and fascination.
– His jump from the stratosphere was watched by millions and broke records.
– The BBC produced a documentary called ‘Space Dive’ about Baumgartner.
– His jumps were recorded and shared, and he participated in the Red Bull-sponsored event called ‘Felix Jump’.
– Baumgartner’s jump received international recognition and was viewed by millions of people.Summary:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felix_Baumgartner

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